Tunes and Training 

It won’t always be fun but throwing on the trainers plugging in the tunes and bidding farewell to post truths and all that other bullshit is still a great pleasure,So in the words of those laureates Whitesnake… here I go again! This months top tunes to accompany me were; Ghostpoet / Survive From the brilliantly titled album Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy jam .I met … Continue reading Tunes and Training 

That’s a wrap…

Hard for 2016 in summary not to be about loss,so many great people departed in 2016 .Many were frequently the soundtrack to my running adventures,the list of giants who left us was seemingly endless .For me the greatest was of course was Ali.not a singer but undoubtedly an artist..the original the best ,the end!Faithless do conjur up his his mystique and influence really well in … Continue reading That’s a wrap…

Running the Canal du Midi

The beginning goes back to finishing the endure24 twenty four hour race in Belfast last year.A track race that saw me break the 100 mile in twenty four hours.That day I decided I wanted to try do something different the following year.Not necessarily anything more challenging but something that would bring me out of my comfort zone.Finding the balance between training and retaining a reasonable … Continue reading Running the Canal du Midi

Built for speed and pissing on lamp posts!

It’s not everyday you meet a Saluki, what a beauty.Its got most of the attributes I’d like to have in running.The sight of a surgeon,Blistering pace ,sleek lines ,terrific gait.Alas I’m no sight hound!… Although I may have peed on the odd lamppost but that’s another blog entirely! Ok so I’ve not been able to keep up a regular account of my running ,dog worrying … Continue reading Built for speed and pissing on lamp posts!

Politician for lunch?

There’s nothing like an election to bring out the despair in an old hound!On and on the circus goes,what will change?Sweet f….k all if you pardon my French!Anyway enough of that for now…Daisy’s polishing her teeth for the last few canvassers.We do like a bit of a chase and politicians are a type of cat right?   So back to the important issues,I’ve been back … Continue reading Politician for lunch?

Musical Highlights 2015

 Chemical Brothers (Rock en Seine) ACDC (Wembley) Florence and the Machine  Slipknot  Parquet Courts (Rock en Seine) Balthazaar  The Stereophonics (Rock or en Seine) The Prodigy  John Grant  The Selecter Wolf Alice (Rock en Seine) Paul Heaton and Jackie Abott  So it’s been a good year for gigs.Who stood out?I’m almost surprised to be honest because it came down to three acts…Florence ,the chemical brothers … Continue reading Musical Highlights 2015