New Years Resolution 2013

I did mean to start this a year ago……..but as usual I left it a little bit late!!!   So I’m hoping to bring you a blog for 2014 ..which will feature my journey towards a 24 hour ultra marathon ….

As really I don’t consider myself as an athlete or a runner with any particular pbs are 3.24 in the marathon and sub 40 in 10k ,I won’t be featuring too much technical jargon..switching on a Garmin is a technical challenge for me! So Miles , Music and the weekly aches and pains may dominate….

finally the photo is tribute to my old pal Baxter , Baxter was a gorgeous lemon Bassett hound , my first dog and a gooner ,Sadly 2013 was his last…. But the old boy is not forgotten!
i’m hoping my blog will feature many dogs … Allowing me time to paws for breath on my long runs.

Now as it’s nearly New Years …’s time to press paws!….. if you’re a runner , dog owner or have aspirations of either … Feel free to drop by !


Thanks for stopping by!

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