My friend is back

I meet this bird regularly on my long runs….. We’re not really friends but perhaps acquaintances would be more accurate…. He or maybe she sits calmly , moves with pace and precision….I clump along with the grace of a baby giraffes first steps…It’s good to nature close up though….

Anyhow ,today I got 18 miles done …. I’m experimenting/testing myself so I took no food or water with me… I faded after 13 but was ok…on the whole I’m happy my itb is still reminding of its presence but so far my attempts at minding it are going ok.

I’ve built up now to 40 miles a week consistently … I take every third weekend off long runs… Just to … Well stop me hating running and hopefully keep me sane….
Keeping me company today was this track…. Not my usual genres but the lads from a town in Wexford my late granny lived so I like to support and he’s a good guy…..enjoy


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