Goodbye January ….it’s been a blast!

I couldn’t resist this picture…..the bloodhound, I didn’t meet him on my run sadly ..what a beauty!!

I’ve had a good month, I’ve wrestled with my #itb for am while but some regular stretching ,visits to the pool and some foam rolling has left me feeling like I can train…I’m up to 50 miles per week which for me is in the higher end of my range …. So February’s target is to maintain it…I think like in life that may well be the key…sticking at it when things get tough…
I don’t always relish the long runs , wait no,there are days I don’t relish any runs…so this year I’m giving myself longer training schedules and scheduled tIme off…I think the head plays a huge role in running/ultras…I’ve done some training in Cbt based principles and it really amazes me how many examples I can encounter on a run or pre long one!.On that note I love this tune…it featured in the Sopranos…gives my legs a wee lift when things get serious!.



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