Wilson on 6 Nations Day

I met this stunning animal as I needed to detour off the canal on my morning run.Up close and personal they are much more muscular or robust than I would assume…these aren’t a big collie!.This one I was told belongs to the ferocious(on field) Gordon Darcy ..one of Ireland’s elite Rugby players…clearly Wilson is every bit the athlete that his owner is…And a beautiful temperament too…
My run today was a 20 miler on and off road and a wind down on treadmill, I want to keep my miles up with the ultra in mind…I’ve an official marathon scheduled next weekend that I decided not to taper for…Time will tell how good an idea that proves to be!.Im a little bit uncertain what my marathon pace is at the minute so it may be a long morning!

20140308-024751 p.m..jpg