Dita Superstar Staffie !!

The Bull breeds get a bloody hard time , misunderstood ,often mistreated and abandoned its a pleasure to feature a heartwarming story !!
A big thanks to the deadly duo of Rae and Dita. they’ve kindly dropped by to say hello and share their story, Sounds like D had a lucky escape…and formed a great partnership with her owner Rae
..for the football fans she hasn’t stated red or blue …so I’m going to make D an honorary gooner! (Sorry non footy people!!)

This is dita, aka deet/fatty/princess/don’tyoueventhinkaboutit.
She is a Staffordshire bullterrier and she has been possibly the greatest love of my life so far (my fiance is aware of this and deals with it ha ). In my late teens, early twenties, I was living in a roughish area and spotted deet with a local headcase who was well known for getting dogs and breeding them, then getting bored and dumping them.
I had tried many times to rescue these dogs from him without success but I was determined not to fail with this one. I knocked at his house and said when you want to rehome her, I’ll take her. He told me he was keeping this one because she was pedigree. A couple of weeks went by and a mutual neighbour told me he’d seen her locked out in the yard with no shelter during a storm, so I headed straight round and told the guy I wanted the dog, long story short she had been jumping up on his kids (as young dogs do) and he didnt want her in the house so she came to live with me.
I later found out that the real reason he’d got rid of her was that she had been neutered and that I was home number 5 and she had been destined for the dog fighting rings. she was only about 2 years old. – I did contact a rescue regarding her but they said because of her breed she would be put down so I won’t mention them here.

Now she’s about 11 years old and living the good life, I never intended to keep deet – I was always said I would find her a good home but after that first week of her following me round the house like a little furry shadow, I just couldn’t give her up. She is my best friend, I would do anything for her.
She hates the rain but loves the snow, will sunbathe for hours unless you move her (the battle of the suncream is always fun) she loves destroying her toys but has never intentionally wrecked anything of mine
She has been there for me during my sight loss, she took it upon herself to be my guide dog and always sits/stands where I can see her. She is scared of the dark and terrified of fireworks and morphs into a grade a escapeologist during Oct/Nov.
She loves spicy food (she’s not allowed human food she likes to lick the plates in the dishwasher) and veggies, she also likes to steal my yoghurts.
She whinges almost constantly and ‘talks’ allllll the time , she’s a cuddle thug and a bully, is going deaf, is a bit blind and getting a bit stiff but I wouldn’t have her any other way

Thanks again guys …. Here’s a link to a local rescue if your in the merseyside way!!!http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/rehoming/searchcentres/merseyside/

Feel free to stop by ask a few questions or send me your story….

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