All I wanted was a bone….not this lousy medal!


Today’s race took me to Co.Kerry for the first official marathon of 2014….I took a few days off training to give the legs some respite…a taper of sorts but short enough to keep my schedule alive for the up coming ultras.
The day went well , it rained but it’s Ireland so no surprises there…on the whole it wasn’t too bad …I’m glad to see the harsher side of winter fade away(I hope)..
I like the Saucony Guides on the roads and I was glad to have a fairly new pair to ease the ups and downs of the rural country roads..there are lots of undulations on the Tralee route but nothing too severe and the odd very welcome downhill…
I had a good race , I felt I had a pb in my locker so I was aiming at sub 3.30 , I made it in 3.12 which was 11 minutes under my best.So it seems a short taper suits me…..
The only negative which I’m hoping won’t be substantial is my hamstring flared up…the Red Cross gave me a nice pack which I slipped down the back of my compression shorts!!…a bit cold but it eased the discomfort….
I don’t know if I have sub 3.12 in me but that’s for another day!!!…..
Now I was promised a bone…




  1. Dear Daisy,
    We saw your message for us.
    Charlie: I miss you and you big licks and snuggles in bed. You look funny all fluffy, but I like it. I’m am glad you happy with you new mummy and daddy.
    Jonah: woof woof , Bluebell doesn’t bark like you. I love you Daisy xxxx

    Caroline: sorry for delay in response to post. Thank you so much. The kids were a little upset at first, but I keep showing them the funny pictures and they’re delighted to still be able to see here. Thank you for you kindness. Cx


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