Running ,it appears 24 hours is a long time.

It did dawn on me a while back that 24 hours is a long time …..even watching tv or lazing in bed…(oh to have the chance to laze in bed!)Let the mind games begin.
As Endure24 approaches these thoughts are both unsettling and necessary thoughts!.This isn’t a sprint… It’s not even a marathon..
So I’m working on a cunning plan…more cunning…(sorry Blackadder weakness !)
I learned a lot from a sloppy 12 hour run..I’ve slowed down ,albeit that’s a relative term..that has my body and mind feeling more focused…
This is a mental test….the body will falter, the mind will be the real test for me.
On a lighter note My 32 miles ended with a wee stroll with daisy in the phoenix park dublin!.

20140525-092749 a.m.-34069791.jpg



  1. Ah, Daisy looks like a teddy bear! We always had her clipped short. She’s such a brilliant dog! We miss her all the time. Love and hugs to Daisy. We’re so happy you have a good family and a good life. Love Caroline, Charlie and Jonah xxxx


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