Daisy on Tour

20140621-110133 a.m.-39693314.jpg
I had wanted to defy a family tradition of only meeting far flung relatives at funerals ….so a voucher from The Irish hotels federation with a looming expiry date brought us to Waterford.(Beware the hotel voucher folks…more limitations than the English football team…)
Naturally we were looking for a Dog friendly hotel …and there are a few I’m told in Ireland…these will be explored too!.As this was close to me attempting a 24 hour run, we chose the convenience and budget of the travelodge in waterford…..oh I know the snobby culture vultures may raise their noses…but it was clean…room spacious …spare bed for daisy to look out window(above) and staff were very friendly and professional….no complaints here!.

20140621-110934 a.m.-40174324.jpg

The weather was beautiful so this made taking Daisy very easy,highlights included

20140621-111358 a.m.-40438056.jpg
Lovely views and had a dj adding to the summer vibes….oh and ofcourse

20140621-111626 a.m.-40586681.jpg
A stop off in New Ross to visit my Aunt and Uncle made the weekend….the house I remember had narnia esque adventures when times were much simpler….it hadn’t changed enough to alter the memories of flagstoned hallways,wide stairs and Dreadful tapioca pudding…the field next door naturally was gone…replaced by houses….but the markings of the window remained….someone with more talent than I could point to metaphors but I remember the horse …that’ll do me…
Now forgive the rush I have to try organise my wardrobe for a 24 hour run…….


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