Another Endure24 Blog…..90 miles isn’t 100

So as most of you have google ,you may know endure24 is a 24 hour ultra race .You can run it solo or in teams…that bit makes it a bit more of a gathering for people who may not want to commit to the joy or misery or both that is trying to run for 24 hours.
I was up for the misery…I’d give the event 9/10…sure there’s some minor issues but your running for 24 hours…these are too minor to mention!
I had a good day despite coming up a bit short of the 100 mile target …it’s left me with unfinished business ,as I say …the numbers don’t lie ..90 ain’t 100…well unless you’re exchanging euros …wait no that’s even worse!

20140706-083734 p.m.-74254096.jpg
I guess the reason I’m still happy is the weather really sabotaged the route …it was a bit of a mudfest ,the weather conspired to tease us all ..threatening summer and delivering downpours just as you had hopes of improvement

20140706-084037 p.m.-74437411.jpg
I’d like to think if the night section had been kinder I might have broken the 100 mile ceiling…in the conditions I felt I could break more than that(leg/arm/hip!!

The good for me was that mentally I felt strong ,I got my pace right ,a major issue for me more than once..and the foods I took by and large worked.
So lots done but lots more to do….a few more 50 milers I think but that 100 mile will be done!

Naturally the sun shone like we were in Rio after the event ended….. The luck of the Irish!!:)


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