Move on Hipsters….a few tunes to train with

Body and mind seemed to be on a low charge for a few weeks ,some niggles physically left me restless and some personal losses left me deflated, so I returned to music …the one thing that can always reach the emotion you need…
I don’t follow music slavishly ,I like what I like..the polarity between some of the tracks perhaps giving some weight to my twin star sign..
I’m putting these tunes down in category of mood…and generally this is workout and exercise related,HMV may use a different system.
That Friday feeling!
(1)Honky Tonk Woman /the stones live
(2)Chaka Khan /Ain’t nobody
(3i am the resurrection /the stone roses
Few songs equal this as a Friday song….. The vibe it tears me between go for a run or go for a beer…truly an anthem
REO Speedwagon/Keep on loving you
I’m sorry hipsters but the 80s did cheese well , proper Stilton here…..I love this running along on a sunny day….. I can’t believe I have confessed to this!!:)
Workout music
(1)The Minutes /Gold ….this has attitude ,cracking new irish band
(2)Say goodnight/lost boys
(3)Kick in the door /Notorious biggy small ,I’m normally not into rap etc. but this guy had something….unsure check out juicy…. I love the vinyl crackle on this… And to be honest it’s a real aggressive tune …I like that in a workout,
(1)Bullet in the head /Rage against the machine
(2)Jeremy /pearl jam
(3)Ramstein /Du Hast
I like these for their rage ,tempo and just a hint of anarchy that us sensible people who can't do anarchy find appealing…but generally it blows off steam….rage

gone but not forgotten
(1)Amy Winehouse/Back to Black
(2)Joe Strummer /Coma girl (what a loss to the music world)
(3)Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues


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