Kiki the Mastiff cross (and gooner!!)

Ok Ok ,yes there’s a definite arsenal bias in this post…being a fan myself chance upon a dog loving arsenal fan demanded an immediate response!…sometimes pictures don’t do the scale or proportions of the giant breeds justice…
They remind me of the prop forward in rugby….more of a strongman than a sprinter!..gentle but immense!,you will know these guys are around perhaps from the snoring!!!…

20140812-054610 p.m.-63970991.jpg
A delightfully docile animal …who may intimidate some merely due to it’s scale….some mastiffs can weigh in at over 90 kgs!…that’s a lot of pet competing for your sofa folks:))!!!… But you can be sure you’ll be kept warm!

20140812-055648 p.m.-64608653.jpg
Thanks to the Scully clan for the picture of Kiki…


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