Irish Terrier ….it’s all calm…most of the time !



Now if you own an Irish terrier you will know I’m either telling lies or pretty lucky!….To be fair it’s close to the latter !

An angel at home,brilliant with children ,not a prolific barker …. But if you were looking at considering owning one,there could be some points to consider!..
Our Irish terrier is an absolute lunatic in descending order for

(1) Cats !, O.K.maybe that’s not a great surprise the natural order of things !..but there’s a definite malice to Daisy’s pursuit of our neighbours cat..this isn’t play!…as yet the Cat is still healthy if perhaps down to 7 lives!.
Now just because our Irish hates Cats…it doesn’t mean yours will,but if you own a cat …I’d check !.
(2) Other dogs!, Daisy can tolerate some dogs..but is extremely unruly around bitches..socialising is challenging as she tends to lunge and will bite if challenged.Any hint of challenge and she’s ready to rumble…
(3)The Post !… But it’s usually just bills so who cares !
On the whole I couldn’t recommend Irish Terriers enough ,They are a great family dog.Like many terriers they are extremely hardy..the gene pool is strong.Id say I’ve rarely seen the vet as little since owning Daisy..and money is obviously important in considering dog ownership!.
Don’t underestimate the power behind the cute face ,be the boss and you’ll have a friend for life…no regrets.




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