The Truman Show

Tattoos ,running great distances, and dogs ….clearly Catra Corbett was always going to be top of my list of top ultra runners!Completing over 100 …yes 100 ,100 mile races..Her profile is as colourful as her clothing and she brings a breath of fresh air to the universe!.
So why isn’t this the Catra show?…Well let me go back a year or two ,when my old Bassett Hound passed away ,I got a lovely message from Catra..which really meant a lot to me..oh I’m sure she doesn’t remember but that’s not the point.She had her own experiences when she lost the gorgeous Rocky Ridge


you could assume the chien of choice for the world renowned dirt diva would be perhaps…oh a Mountain dog maybe,greyhound or a Rhodesian ridgeback maybe……well (drumroll please…!!..enter Truman..)


He is of course a daschhound …a short legged long bodied dog,whose breed originated in Germany..they are a hound and capable of following trail and hunting rabbits and the occasional badger encounter!.Im reliably informed however Truman is much more the lover than fighter!

Catra and Truman have been consistently training and this wee dog it seems will go that extra mile (or twenty )for his beloved owner.

So folks please if you do not follow the legend that is Dirt Diva…change that ,you’ll be better for it!.If you have a dog …remember he will never be too tired for that walk you need!.


Oh and Happy Birthday Catra!…


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