Puppy Power!

Cuteness Alert


As it’s that time of year….this lovely pup reminded me of all the less lucky pups and dogs in Rescues,pounds or shelters.So many animals find themselves out in the cold …not just at Christmas.. But certainly after it.
Ash rescue,Dogs trust,DSPCA,AHAR are just a few rescues heaving to capacity!!….there are more,Ireland’s love of greyhounds and hunting doesn’t have a shining pedigree in looking after it’s veterans!..If you’re pondering a puppy just please do your research …Don’t be afraid to speak to established breeders!,breeders have been given a bad rep of late ,but it’s really important to distinguish between a breeder who is wholesaling dogs for merely financial gain.A good breeder may often have decades of expertise in specific breeds,and you’ll find them generous with their time.Many actually assist rescues in re homing particular breeds.
The pounds aren’t full of problem dogs…they’re just full!…
Happy Christmas
Paws and Daisy



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