Hoover, gone but not forgotten!


When I stop people to steal a snap of people’s favourite pooch … I do worry if they mind being upstaged by their four legged friend! With a runner of the quality of Chris Jones, this was also a small concern! Chris has ran some of the States most impressive and challenging ultras but I was more impressed by the wonderful pictures of Hoover! ( no offence Chris!)

Chris is a member of http://www.marathonmaniacsdb.com/Maniacs/MyProfile.asp?maniac=4187, it’s a staggering list amassed in a relatively short time. It’s an incredible C.V. or resumé as my friends Stateside say! With extensive marathon experience and completing some of the States fiercest 100 milers my c.v.feels rather empty in comparison but I think most runners may feel that on reading the list of Chris’s achievements!

As it happens Chris didn’t mind being upstaged but sadly our post today also reminded me of the issues every dog owner faces, that of the loss of his beloved companion. Hoover, the Alaskan malamute, passed on after 12 and a Half years of loyal and dedicated service. As dog owners will know its a pain that doesn’t go away, it may ease with time but it never goes!

Malamutes average around 40 kg, differing between sexes and of course breeding. It’s fair to say they are a big strong animal. Definitely a pack animal who need company and lots and lots of exercise! Hoover and Chris covered thousands of miles on the trails together. Chris mentioned that as runners we have our trainers but the dogs only have paws and it’s important to give the dogs paws time to condition, but it’s also really important to remember that a Malamute is an animal whose DNA is adapted to extensive stamina and harsh conditions. Before one is tempted to purchase a malamute, it’s important to consider it’s size and needs – are you like Chris and do hours on end trekking trails? If not, don’t bring a malamute home! Too many trophy dogs find their way (if their lucky) into animal shelters around the world – just like this one Chris supports
Check them out!



Chris assures me he is now being sensible!!:) When an ultra runner says he’s being sensible I assume he means he’s resting for his next big adventure!!

Thanks for sharing yours and Hoovers story with me. I think the pictures tell the story better than I can.



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