Someone gets Scooby a snack!


Managing to keep writing…and training ..and life has proved tricky but if it’s going to start ,it might as well be with the start of another marathon and this fine Dalmatian called Scooby😄
Thanks to the crew at East of Ireland Marathons for another super outing .
There’s something brewing in that club and I wish them well.Ireland can be a tricky place to get things going …the signs are very positive.For a small gathering, there was a range of sub 3 times,MDS preparations,members of 100 marathon clubs ,members with hundreds of marathons !…. And me.
A good day was had…

Naturally Daisy had her before and after stroll ,this weather doesn’t distract her from her life’s goal of torturing any cat that dares cross her path!Her mission in life to quote Metallica is …Seek and Destroy!


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