Making a difference …the new politics

This weekend saw me venture down to The Phoenix park.It was for a run formerly arranged by a national newspaper as part of an initiative to encourage healthier lifestyles.This year it took on a whole new lease of life as it became a focal point for a newer initiative which sought to embrace mental health discussion within Ireland.
There’s no doubt in my mind that the actions of Niall Breslin in highlighting mental health matters proves that the gap that has been created by political and economic wrong doing may yet be filled by ordinary folk doing extra ordinary things…The initiative is as my mother would say …a credit to all!


Just incase there’s any doubt,the handsome chap on the left is Bressie!.
The bear is me!.My running and social media came together to a chance encounter with the wonderful Again this is another extra ordinary bunch of individuals.Im running a number of marathons this year to try and help them do what they do best!.After completing the 10k,I lost my iPhone only to have it returned by a very generous and eagle eyed runner!It was a fitting end to a very positive day!.


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