Dylan,Our very first Dog of the Month!


Here we have Dylan the Cocker! Dylan wins a pint of Guinness and a bacon sandwich!He’s almost 12 and doesn’t he look fabulous!?Dylan is the owner of Mr.Rumbles aka http://ogeerunner.wordpress.com

A runner who has completed some of the toughest ultra races including the legendary spine race ..https://www.facebook.com/TheSpineRace ,a not for the faint hearted 268 mile mountain race!

The Cocker Spaniel make for super pets ,ultra friendly  with great energy..you don’t have to run nearly 300 miles to have one but as a medium sized gun dog Cockers will relish some good long walks and maybe the odd swim!

Thanks to Dylan and Alan for the snap,have you a dog that could be our monthly winner…?

All winners are nearly guaranteed a bacon sandwich and a pint or a dog biscuit!



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