5 songs that might make you run faster or want to be a Rock Star – Dust off your leather trousers you horn dogs! It’s rock or run time!


From Daisy The Dawgs playlist ..Go hard or go home!

(1)FREE: Can’t get eneogh (of your love) Absolute filth, if you’re hips don’t move to this one, seek medical advice you may well be dead! From 1974….yes it’s that old!


(2)The Rolling Stones :Harlem shuffle Speaking of being nearly dead…the absolute Kings of Dirty Rock N Roll.


(3)Mamas Boys: Needle in the Groove Another of the finest grooves you’ll find and a not often heard of Irish Band, where did I leave my leather pants?

(4)Electric Six: High Voltage o.k. Not a classic Rock band but a tune worthy  of making the list …you better believe it …Banging intro..guitars..and a saxophone …everyone loves a bit of sax! These guys tour regularly and are one to see!

(5)The Minutes: Black and Blue A smoking hot tune essential for any apprentice pole dancer, a great Irish Band, honest to goodness Rock N Roll. 


Now don’t go blaming me if these tunes make you irresponsible, irresistible, get Tattood, run too fast and have to walk home …feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments! 



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