Dog of the Decade! (and September)

Millie Survived a puppy farm ,living in conditions that ordinary descent people can’t comprehend,She was rescued, nursed back to health and re homed to a loving family. She then ran away so confused by her loving environment .Getting lost sparked a community wide search mission which, with the aid of social media ,drones and good old fashioned hard graft, saw Millie finally becoming a good news story!

Look deep into her eyes and imagine the poor dogs that remain out in puppy farms across the country … then read on. We must stop the cruelty that was visited upon Millie and over 350 animals, yes, 350 animals and more were rescued from just one of Ireland’s puppy farms. If I had a fiver for every person who told me on buying a pup from the Internet, that “oh I saw the mother” – Maybe you did – maybe just maybe you didn’t!


Millie was one of over 350 animals that were rescued from the farm of James Kavanagh in Myshall Co.Carlow. Ive decided to show restraint and not discuss the afore mentioned Mr.Kavanagh. If you google his name, James Kavanagh of Bridgeview, Raheenleigh, Myshall, rest assured you will find out more than you probably wanted. Mr Kavanagh, despite being the owner of a farm where 350 animals were rescued in conditions that frankly are too harrowing to recount and experienced DSPCA members described as a hellhole, has decided to appeal the closure in a move of quite spectacular defiance!.

Anyway he isn’t worth the oxygen we breath so let’s return to the star of the show!

Millie was one of the lucky escapees who was eventually re homed, as you can imagine this poor Dog was very fragile, she had been imprisoned for perhaps her entire life in appalling conditions, trusting humans would naturally be slow progress. Now with that weight of responsibility on her new carers shoulders, our star Millie clearly still traumatised, bolts, digs under a fence and vanishes, leaving her new family devastated. Knowing their new addition was fragile, scared and nervous they feared the worst.

Millie’s owner however was not going to let Millie down, a rescue mission of epic proportions was mounted, volunteers friends and strangers searched high and low for the traumatised pet, despite this, no joy. A page was set up, updates were posted, people shared far and wide, that’s how I heard of Millie, I feared the worst . We wanted a happy ending, in a final bid to track Millie, a drone was used to try and tack the little hobo via thermal imaging, but still no joy. We feared the the worst but daren’t think it ! Then like a script from a Disney movie four wonderful children found Millie – I would like to Mention Shauna Burdis, Ollie, Harry and Daragh Lyons. These guys are heroes! When all hope was gone, they found Millie. The relief was one I don’t think words can ever describe fully.

The love we have for our pets is a special thing and reciprocated without bias. Facebook,often part of the maligned social media was bursting with delight knowing Millie was home safe and sound. Some vetinary care was required but nothing too serious. Millie’s spirit and character has begun to emerge and the signs are positive. This was a triumph of good will and positive action. Three cheers.




On a last note, If you think you might like a dog or a puppy please look closely at all the rescues. They are full of some amazing animals and plenty are pure breeds! Heres just a few to choose from!
ash animal rescue
Thanks to Millie and her family for allowing me share this story… When your local T.Ds call around nearing election time ,maybe ask them how can stories like this continue?!


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