Run,Relax and unwind

Here’s a few tunes I’ve enjoyed recently that make up a marathon playlist,nice and gentle for the long slow runs so nothing too aggressive!
Sufjan Stevens song Chicago,wonderfully mellow but builds to a lovely finish (unlike my marathon) up fans  of The National will know of El Vy this is again further evidence those gents are just a deep pool of musical pop perfection,their that good you don’t want to tell anyone,their gigs sell out in seconds so the secret is out! wonderfully groomed Kurt Vile ,Pretty Pimpin Just like this country groove perfect for an early run out

Slightly different genre up now,love this video .Dirty Vegas /Days go by I like the hypnotic beat and melodies and as I said love the video!! 

Balthazar have been around little while ,a Belgium band that are really worth a look,some great tunes…this one is off the new album thin walls

  This lady Patricia Vanneste plays violin amongst many other instruments in their live shows!
So there you go ,some gentle mood music for your running,walking ,chilling pleasure….enjoy.Always happy to hear any recommendations on the music front so feel free to comment ….


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