Something to sooth your Soul….or your ears!

One of the great things about music,a bit like running,is the opportunity for something new.So here’s some of my new tunes this week.Ofcourse they aren’t new artists,that’s the great thing!So here we go the legendary Nina Simone ,this is a lovely soulful tune great to clear the head with!

Baltimore Nina Simone

Next up John Legend featuring The one and only Snoop!Love this,Mr.Legend I can take or leave but this works for me particularly on a long run!I don’t like musical snobbery so give it a go,you might like….. You might not!

John Legend featuring Snoop 

Something Irish to finish.As a Wexford fan with family in New Ross I was a bit taken aback to hear that Maverick Sabre was …the same!I think this is a cracker.

Maverick Saber / No One
Hope you enjoy!



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