So far today I’ve had three coffees (I don’t drink coffee often)I’m going to a funeral,not someone I know tbh and it’s bloody miserable out.I’ve had my bus journey interrupted by a gentlemen preaching the bible..or his version of the bible,which on the whole I don’t mind …free speech and all that malarkey ,he was giving it great gusto and the 39a at 10 a tough crowd,but there’s  a tone from some preachers that hints must agree with me…for I am right..I’m sticking with the all you need is love line myself..that’ll do me..

On another note here’s that other famous ecclesiastic Axl Rose doing a bloody good cover of some 1950s doowop…I know it sounds like it shouldn’t work and you’ll need to get past the ozone destroying volumes of hairspray and well axl being a bit of an arse..

But in the true spirit of rock n roll I’m pretty sure the preacher may not approve ..which lets face it in times past was half the fun.


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