My alternative White Christmas playlist

Some of my favourite bands weren’t always well behaved,is that why I like them? Many of these artists enjoyed their very own White Christmas!So if all the sentimental Christmas tunes are dragging you down here’s a few to knock the snow off your earphones and get your very own runners high!

First up the legendary Steven Tyler of Aerosmith,remarkably hitting 67 years of age with his notorious lifestyle!I grew up watching the stadium rock bands on T.V.but before you criticise Steven too much,just remember he’s also the  father of  Liv!He can do no wrong! its Aerosmith and Crazy …..this isn’t the Patsy Cline version!

Next,while I still think Guns N Roses produced one of the greatest ever rock albums,Here’s Velvet Revolver featuring the relentlessly cool Izzy Stradlin and Its so Easy ….Stradlin has fought his demons and looked great here.Cooler than a winter on the east coast! 

It would be remiss to speak of bands who enjoyed Snow at Christmas time and the rest of the year and not feature the Red Hot Chillies.Love the gentle guitars of scar tissue.Brooding and Brilliant.They have flirted with self destruction all their career,thankfully not too successfully!

So a few tunes to get the winter training going.Enjoy!


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