My Top 3 Marathons of 2015

My top 3 Marathons of  2015 

Purely my opinion (feel free to add your comment ..good to hear of any new races home or abroad!)

No.1 Cork City Marathon I had a great day in Cork on a really lousy day in June.One of the main reasons Cork is getting the nod was its level of organisation…small details matter,Cork has got its act together and I think it will reap the rewards and grow.

No.2Waterford Viking Marathon Loved the bands on the route ,felt an effort was being made and liked the finish on the track.

No.3 Wexford Marathon Yes wexford has a marathon and it’s a bloody tough one !So get it in your’s in its early stages,this year was its first.Ticked all the boxes for me..check it out.

I think the more races you do the more you value smaller things.Provincial races need to accept postal entries or race day number collection in my opinion..cut out the expo nonsense when ultimately you aren’t big eneogh to merit it.

Marathon Club Ireland (I’m a member so declaring bias) and East of Ireland marathons have developed excellent systems to promote efficient and cost effective marathon running,and are growing because of it,if you haven’t looked either up …Do!20/25 quid doesn’t buy you much in marathon terms!

I could easily throw Tralee,Dingle ,Galway,Howth(that bloody hill) in to the mix for a great day out too…

So folks have a good one….see you in 2016.First up I hope is Staplestown and then a return to Clonakilty…if it hasn’t been submerged in water.One thing I saw this year was how much work goes into organising events…I don’t think people always appreciate this so go support what’s local to you.


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