Musical Highlights 2015

  •  Chemical Brothers (Rock en Seine)
  • ACDC (Wembley)
  • Florence and the Machine 
  • Slipknot 
  • Parquet Courts (Rock en Seine)
  • Balthazaar 
  • The Stereophonics (Rock or en Seine)
  • The Prodigy 
  • John Grant 
  • The Selecter
  • Wolf Alice (Rock en Seine)
  • Paul Heaton and Jackie Abott 

So it’s been a good year for gigs.Who stood out?I’m almost surprised to be honest because it came down to three acts…Florence ,the chemical brothers and Slipknot !Both were spectacular and are clearly a little different..I’m not sure they’ll ever be in the same list again.florence is the epitome of style  .shes a star,she looks a star …she owns the stage!Slipknot on the other hand metaphorically kick in the door ,it’s primal and its f….kn spectacular,have to say there was a great vibe to the gig too.

They’ve  got a huge following and I was converted!The Chemical brothers headlined Rock  en Seine and do they deliver….? better believe it!They were incredible,I had to run half a kilometre to get to the stage area,ordinarily not a problem but I was full of red wine so that made for a less focused sprint!They made the effort worthwhile…energy packed hit after banging hit in the Parisienne evening …it was bliss.

Naturally as a huge AC/DC fan they’re tour was on the list from day one…a treat in Wembley.Angus still the greatest showman alive.Tireless energy and while the stage show is more elaborate they’re never ever going to change and that suits me just fine,they have never tried to be more than a rock n roll band..that’s maybe why they’re still as popular as they were decades ago!

Separating the rest is pointless,Infact I couldn’t really separate the first three…for me music is all about the enjoyment,I like what I like…First up in 2016 The Maccabees !


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