Politician for lunch?

There’s nothing like an election to bring out the despair in an old hound!On and on the circus goes,what will change?Sweet f….k all if you pardon my French!Anyway enough of that for now…Daisy’s polishing her teeth for the last few canvassers.We do like a bit of a chase and politicians are a type of cat right?

So back to the important issues,I’ve been back on the road,two marathons done and a 50k in the bag.Not really following a structured plan yet and still toying with what my goal for 2016 will be.Clonakilty proved to be a brutal marathon set to the most brilliant backdrop.Getting three hours sleep ahead of a race and arriving ten minutes before the start is never ideal!It was quite a journey but we got there in the end.Cork is a special place ,and if you ask Cork people they will be only too happy to tell you so over and over again.

More importantly being back out on the roads has got me meeting new pets on the roads,last week I met this beautiful old boy in Dublin city last week. A fourteen year old Airedale!My first sighting of the terrier clan.


 The owner has kept them since the sixties and we had a good chat about their temperament.Its a nice way to have a little rest before finishing off the long run.img_0397

On a more serious note…. I think Daisy is after a sponsorship deal ?What do you think ?Never say never!

It’s been a while so thanks for your patience… I haven’t gone away!

Next up 3 marathons in 2 days……..as you do!


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