Tunes and Training 

It won’t always be fun but throwing on the trainers plugging in the tunes and bidding farewell to post truths and all that other bullshit is still a great pleasure,So in the words of those laureates Whitesnake… here I go again!

This months top tunes to accompany me were;

  • Ghostpoet / Survive From the brilliantly titled album Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy jam .I met Mr.Poet in a U.K. record store called Rise (which is a gem!)Been an admirer of his for a while but I love the mood off this one,gritty with some great lyrics and the female vocals are the dogs… My top tune this month.Hope you enjoy!Survive 
  • Public Enemy / Harder than you think Every good run needs an anthem!Boom here we are..ok let’s start with the album title,How you sell soul to a soulless people who sold their soul ..Public Enemy Chucky must have the most recognisable voice in rap.
  • Diddy/Faith Evans (feat 112)  Im not a fan of Diddy or whatever the f…k he calls himself but I love this tune..Diddy/Evans‘. perfect sampling .Its a homage to the late great Biggy #RIP.Faith Evans and Biggy were married and worked together on quite a few tracks.Which brings me to the next tune 
  • Faith Evans / You used to love me A little bit of soul for your journey  Faith Evan Sometimes we just need to chill.
  • Immortal Technique / The Power of Philosophy Written before Trump arrived on the political scene,I don’t think things are going to improve now that he has but itl undoubtedly inspire more brilliance from this guy.Thanks to Mr.Joe Donnelly from the now defunct #txfm for educating me on this guy Immortal 
  • Al Stewart /The year of the cat The lyrics,the picture it paints ,it’s just the perfect summer song so I keep it on the playlist to bring a bit of sun back to the winter morning runs.Al Stewart I really enjoyed this one this week,maybe it was the weather but it just reminded me of the seaside,roll on the Summer!
  • Kenny Rogers/Islands in the stream  Ah Kenny and Dolly …. easy listening at its best,there’ll be no musical snobbery here!
  • Disturbed/Sounds of silence I got to see disturbed play recently with another huge band,Avenged Seven  fold.Both bands were incredible ,proof that this song is a masterpiece is when it can cross any musical divide … try both … Disturbed V Simon and Garfunkel (to be fair the original harmonies could never be touched !)
  • Chuck Berry /You never can tell An absolute classic brought back to us by Uma Thurman and John Travolta (surely the greatest movie comeback ever?)and did I mention uma ?💕😊 need I say more?I better not !😂 Pulp fiction….
  • Skunk Anansie /Hedonism Skunk anansie A fabulous tune,my most favourite act that I’ve yet to see,I love everything they’ve done.You wouldn’t fuck with that lady either … proper order I say!

You may have noticed there’s  no particular genre I listen to but those were on my most played this week,I go through phases of likes and dislikes .I have even added in some Country and Western but that’s another story altogether,country is great but when it’s bad it’s spectacularly bad!I love new tunes because it can give you a great boost on a long run ,all recommendations are welcome!…. 

Ok so I have actually got off the couch in January by the way, to the tune of about 280 km .Training has gone well so far .I don’t like to get too forensic on the details here but I have been following a training plan for once!You might  imagine after fifty odd marathons and a few ultras I might have a bit more knowledge of training specifics but nope..this running malarkey just took on a life of its own.After years of doing martial arts I stumbled into running ,I miss training with fighters  although on the plus side I don’t get kicked in the head anymore.I’m not sure where the rest of the madness began,maybe the kicks in the head ?

.change was needed.Id been sluggish and struggling with pace,injuries,motivation and work!The plan is from  Train as one .I saw Robbie Britton who is one of the very best ultra runners out there mention it ,he’s proven to hold his own integrity in high regard and he’s not afraid to call out people or companies regardless of how influential they may claim to be ,so I knew it would be worth a closer look and not just a cheap endorsement which currently seems to plague social media .I would encourage you to look it up regardless of your perceived ability or lack there of…It will keep you honest and organised..they also have a couch to 5k plan too!Did I mention it’s free ?(currently) 

On the dog front all is quiet at the moment but I am planning a little more activity on that on here too.If you’re a runner and a dog fan get in touch!Id be keen to hear your story or share the pictures.I know two people whose dogs died recently so that had me thinking of how close our four legged friends are to us!I saw this post on Facebook recently ,an amazing dog who lost a leg honoured by the military ,puts my sore knee in perspective!

Stay well folks!🐻

Daisy the Irish terrier!We have a similar temperament …… below ,Disturbed, live in Dublin!and a few random pics.


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