So ive been doing new things of late.I really want to do more trail running as ultimately I will be doing less running.70 odd marathons and a few ultras ..150 miles on the Camino and other random stuff,to be honest I need a little break to allow some repair and recovery.That said the Dublin marathon is on the list so im not done yet.Todays jaunt was up keepers hill,apparently Irelands 117th highest mountain (I hope its ego isn’t hurt by being well down the pecking order in Irish mountains)After a summer with a historically low rainfall count the greenery is remarkable.
Only one dog braved the elements though..and I dont really blame them.

Speaking of Dogs … if you’d like to send in any dog pics .. please get in touch.Oh and if you’re a dog fan check out the book..dharma of dogs ..its a joy ❤

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