The Boy was in the hallway drinking a glass of tea….

Horses ,horses and more horses.

nother visit to Tipperary brought me to Sli Eala.Simple 10k out and back following the Nenagh river…It follows the river for all bar 3k on the approach to Lough Derg.It runs through real farmland with real electric fences 😎 this means you should pay attention and be aware you’re a guest..You may not be alone..or welcome 😂Thankfully today I had no need to sprint or swim.

The river moves gently between a number of farms who have clearly been generous in accomodating walkers and the occasional runner.

The Eala mentioned is the Irish word for Swan..

and in particular the mute of my very favorite creatures.Wonderfully elegant but not to be trifled with either… those wings and beak are best watched from a comfortable distance.The river while low ensures some beautiful lush greenery,in contrast to some of the parched fields.

Lough Derg looks like a great spot for watersports.. I hope Ill get back to explore again oh and heres the very wonderful horses what else 😎



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