Kratu Steals the Show

Hey, thanks for stopping by for a chat Kratu

No problem. I’m getting ready for Crufts again but I had a few minutes free.

It’s always great to have a celebrity to talk to, you are a very handsome dog – by the look of that fine coat I’d say a sheepdog?

Not a bad guess, actually I am part Carpathian, part Miotric. These are dogs originating from Eastern Europe and in my case Romania.

Cool and as you mention Crufts, take us back to that faithful day you became an internet sensation.Here is a link if you havent seen it!
Well Daisy, you know some people are born to follow rules and some well…..we make the rules.

So you didn’t make a mistake then?
Goodness no! It might have looked to the untrained eye that I did absolutely everything wrong but I can assure you, to be that bad, takes an unbelievable amount of skill and dedication. Did you enjoy the tunnel trick? I didn’t even tell my owner that one – the crowd went wild! I think that was the moment I knew I had arrived! Despite my looks and talent I had doubts you know….

Really, that surprises me, perhaps due to your troubled past?

Ah yes, my past, I haven’t always been the pampered pooch. You see before you, I started life struggling as a tiny weak puppy. I know that’s hard to believe but the pictures below are of me.I was so small and scruffy.

The little guy hiding is me! I was lucky and I owe my life to Tess Eagle Swan who had me rescued at a few weeks old.

I think it is probably fair to say we are a partnership but I am an assistance dog. So despite the fun we had at crufts I am a highly trained dog. I was the first dog in the U.K. to complete the ‘Do As I Do’ exam and I have the kennel clubs Gold, Silver and Bronze good citizen award. Some might say I’m smarter than some humans but I wouldn’t like to comment!
Tess and I actually spoke by phone before she adopted me.

Ah Kratu, I think you are teasing me? By phone, really?

No seriously, Tess and I got used to each other by communicating on whatsapp. After being rescued it was a good way for me to get used to strangers, also I was only used to barking in Romanian but I learned fast. The day we met I think we both knew we had a special bond, a bit like watching Oasis in the early days but a bit quieter. We have lots of fun but I take my real work very seriously.

So has fame changed you Kratu?

No no, well I was adorable then and I am adorable now! Ofcourse it takes time to adjust to the fame.To be honest, I have been approached for the new Bond role but Idris Elba got the part, so I now do much more important work as an animal rescue advocate. I actually went back to Romania recently which was very exciting. I took part in a lecture in animal psychology(the girls loved me😜)

Recently I attended the European Parliament, and the UK one too, it was quite emotional for me considering my past. I think this will help raise awareness of animal welfare issues in Romania and throughout the world. I guess I do like a bit of the attention but at the end of the day it is nice to get to back home and hang out with the family.When i am at home I am just one of the pack,we are one big happy family.

So Kratu what are your plans for 2019?
Well I am going to Crufts again this year which is very exciting.

It is very busy and I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people. I heard you might be going Daisy?

I hope so Kratu I have not been before.

I think we can all agree your performance on Crufts was a great highlight and thanks to you and Tess for being ever so kind in talking to us.If you ever come to Dublin we can hang out and have a few Guinness.


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