Crufts 2019

It was always an ambition of mine to go and savour the madness that is the worlds greatest dogshow.I am not sure why I waited this long to be honest.L

ocated just a short tram ride from Birmingham airport .Crufts is held at Birminghams NEC arena.A vast but well positioned exhibition centre.We were there for the Hound and Terrier day.Im a little bias as a previous hound owner and now ofcourse our very own Daisy the Irish terrier.The entire event ran from the 7th to the 10th of March culminating in the final that is Best in Show.As with all these events there is a host of other activities to entertain and educate the dog lover in your life.There are five hallsAnd thats not including the main arena!Bring your comfortable shoes.if you like to shop..need an accessory for your best pal or a pint .. all is available for you in bucketloads.Tickets start at about 19 pounds but best in show will cost you more..if you are quick eneogh to get one!Standout for me was the Discover dogs area.Literally a meeting point for nearly every dog imaginable and an oppurtunity for shameless selfie taking.Its a great oppurtunity to talk to experienced breeders and their dogs.Its a busy area but as you can see it is fun.The Kennel club have a host of activities too.One of my favorites was the good citizen area.Dog training skills are highlighted and you may be forgiven for feeling a little lazy if your dog is not 100% obedient.Its a great initiative.Other events that really inspire include friends for life,an initiative that champions dogs who make a diference in many different ways..this is a catagory that exemplifies for me all the great things about the bond between human and pet.A retired police dog called Finn won this years award.He was stabbed in the line of duty but luckily he survived.It really is a story worth reading. are agility competitions where again dog and owner come together in a frantic frenzied race over hurdles and obstacles.Well unless you are Kratu.. (see my previous blog about the wonderful rescue dog who shall we say set his own agenda in Crufts main arena)We love Kratu.Flyball is probably one of the most anticipated events.An event that sees teams of dogs who are lightening fast compete in a relay which involves sprinting collecting a ball and sprinting home.It is so much fun.I admire the commitment of the owners and the energy from the dogs is exhillerating.The pictures below are from the junior section.Amazing.Ofcourse many rescue and support dog services feature in crufts too.I think in recent years the Kennel clubs have taken a greater responsability in its role in determining what breed standards should be.The welfare of our pets must come before aesthetics.It is easy to criticise a show like crufts but the breeders I spoke to adore their dogs and have spent in many cases, decades with them.This Skye terrier below is a veteran competitor.His owner is devoted.Do not confuse or be conned by puppy farmers.. they are the enemy and not Dog shows in my opinion.Ok maybe it is time to just let the pictures do the talking.Here are some of my favorites.I hope you enjoy.If you have any questions just leave a comment for me.


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