Where did you go? (RIP Noreen)

An empty cup at the sink
A moment of silence
Too much space, too much time to think
Deep breaths, relax..

Memories pleasing but taunting me still
First meet and hugs, pleased to see me ..well I am a catch (who am I kidding πŸ˜…)
Politics and Religion while the others were sleeping
Rashers and eggs with hot buttered toast

Toast buttered of course Mairead take note
They are all crooks she’d say with a wave of her arm
More tea ..go on sure
Where did you go ..?The bog road ?right so..

Simple things done well her chicken with gravy
Trifle at Christmas on a tray for me special treatment
Warm milk and a dash of pepper for Daisy for the sick tummy.

Relentlessly loving as if her sole purpose was giving.

One last cup of tea upon the glass table
Wait till I tell you she said…


A departure from the dog tales.Lost my mother in law who really was a second mother to me by default.Its taken a little time to process.A time where I understood what it is to be helpless.Which is possibly more hopeful than it sounds.

Now there is stillness.


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