Pet Friendly

A chance encounter brought me to the twelve hotel a year ago without Daisy the Dog.

We noticed it said it was pet friendly,but to be honest I needed convincing,enquiries to other hotels had claims of being friendly but suggested side doors,patios and the like.Needless to say… Daisy only does grand entrances!

I can confirm the twelve really hits the spot on the dog front.Its red carpet and front doors for your pooch.You can see the staff are easy around dogs and are used to seeing them come and go.I found them very accommodating with a common sense aproach to our four legged friends visits. Theres only one caveat in that they can only accommodate one dog so booking really will be necessary.

The hotel is literally about 3 minutes stroll from a beach and a five minute drive to Barna woods… with many choices of trees where one can leave ones mark ๐Ÿ˜œ

The hotel offers has a lovely bakery so you can stock up on good coffee and great treats for the humans.


Thanks for stopping by!

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