2019 Christmas Cards

Beautiful.One day you might let me ask you a few questions for my blog 😎

Iain Welch Art and Design

The Christmas card designs are finished!! Hooray. I have had so much fun making these. You can pre-order these cards from my webstore. Here is the link 

dog_20190925_0001 Patiently waiting golden Labrador

dog_20190922_0004 Obviously all of these are for me!! (a very happy Westie)

dog_20190922_0001 A goldendoodle catching a snowball

dog_20190919_0001 Good team work between a Great Dane and a JRT

dog_20190927_0003 A German Shepherd, a Bernese, a Frenchie and a Beagle all singing in perfect harmony

dog_20190730_0003 A Bearded Collie

dog_20190927_0006 - Copy A Pomeranian charging through the snow

dog_20190927_0007 A Border Collie and a Springer Spaniel enjoying the snowy sunset

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