Dream ❤

Really excited today because today we got a quick chat with Dream.. some say he is the brains behind the new and quite brilliant petbond

If you are considering pet ownership,kids pressuring you to get a dog..this site is the place to go. Please check them out..You will be sure to get EXPERT guidance.It is run by a team of Vets.

Dream looks after Tim who is kind of Mr.Petbond he is pretty smart but still needs a bit of minding.Take it away Dream 😎

Every doggy like me, needs a loving owner just like you to help us through life. As dogs we have our own features and habits, but essentially we can live together! That’s what makes the bond between humans and dogs so special, we interact and offer one another so much in a two way process. We can bring out the best in one another, and over time we both realise this, just like any relationship. That’s why I am a gift for life, not just a present for Christmas.

One day as I lay in my comfy bed, I heard the phone suddenly ring. A man had called my daddy to say that he wanted to get a new puppy for his family, and asked what dog breeds may be suitable? Before my daddy could even respond, the man said that his daughter wanted either a Labradoodle, German Shepherd, Irish Wolfhound, Rottweiler or Bernese Mountain dog puppy. After about 10 minutes the man paused, and my Daddy asked him 4 simple questions……. “How big is your living space, how much time do you have, what does your wife think and do you think it will cost money”? To this the man casually replied, “We live in a 12thfloor 2 bedroom apartment, both myself and my wife work full time, I never asked her opinion, and dog food is cheap”. As a puppy my ears were pricked and I thought “mmm.. this chap doesn’t get it”, and worse again he was going to surprise his wife with a giant breed puppy as a Christmas present!

Christmas is a time fuelled by emotions, and the majority are well intended positive based. However, it is important to realise that impulse buying a pet is not a good substitute for a silky soft scarf or glittering pair of leathery shoes. A puppy like me has feelings and emotions, and these develop over time. Innate material objects do not have a heart beat like I do, therefore people should not see us as “presents”. Many people do not keep presents, and when that happens with puppies it means that we are no longer wanted. This has a dramatic an negative effect on our lives, as the early weeks and months of our lives make us the great pets that we all have the potential to become. This is why we never want to be treated as a “present” as we are much more than that, and the people who understand this know we are a valuable gift for life. Just ask anyone!

So here is the important stuff!

Good dog breeders who really care about puppies like me are always there for us even when we leave to our new homes. They also make sure that the mummy dogs do not have too many litters and really care for them. They realise that so many people want a happy & healthy puppy as a gift for life, not as a Christmas present. This is why good breeders always know where puppies go to, and make sure the vets have checked us out well before. Not like the greedy people that treat us like material objects without a heart beat or emotions.

The only modern piece of technology that connects ethical breeders with good people like you is Petbond, it doesn’t let the greedy puppy farmer breeders explot us and you.

My Daddy replied to the man down the phone by saying “ As you live in a very small apartment without a garden and very limited space, a small breed dog would be the best option in the future. Breeds such as a Pug, Bichon Frise French bulldog, Pomeranian, Pekingese, Maltese, West highland and cairn terrier would all be suitable. If you ever move to a larger house with outdoor space then a Border Collie, Cavachon, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel and the not so lively but larger Chow Chow could be option. However, you need to speak with your wife and see what her thoughts are on souring a new puppy from a trusted dog breeder are. There are many dogs for sale out there, but only work with the most trusted platform.

My daddy then paused and emphasised, “most importantly of all, now is not a good time for you to welcome a new pet to your family. Christmas is about giving presents, not a commitment for life. Therefore wait until the New Year when you have discussed sourcing a new puppy with your wife, and we will chat again”.

I heard the man say “thank you so much for the great advise” as he finished the call. As I curled up in my bed I realised how lucky I am. If more people welcomed puppies to their lives at the right time, and from ethical breeders only, we wouldn’t end up abandoned in rescue centres which isn’t normal for us. Prevention is better than cure, and after all we are a gift for life, and not just a present

Thankyou Dream you really are a clever Dog.Happy Christmas pal.