Daisy #RIP

Life can be cruel as it can be kind.Losing your beloved pet is a special kind of pain.

I do like humans but I really love dogs.

We were preparing for a Christmas away so before the drive we had a fairly typical routine where Daisy liked to patrol her area and greet any dogs that ventured into her area with a traditional Irish terrier welcome which resembles a mugging on occasion.

Nothing out of character.No clues of illness just a typical morning.Less than eight hours later she had gone.. taken by a tumour that had hidden until its appearance gave us and her no chance.I boxed once or twice and the punch you don’t see coming is often the one that puts you on your behind..the good shots often induce a rather special nausea.We spent Christmas punch drunk.Devestated.Sick.

Daisy came to us from ash animal rescue in Co.Wicklow.She had difficult circumstances where her owner through no fault of her own had to surender her.We were deemed suitable.I often felt the responsability weigh on me like I had a duty to ensure Daisy was well looked after.In of itself an easy task if you ignore her occasional capacity to make a bid for freedom and venture closer to roads than she was permitted.Terriers as the name infers are often feisty brave and fearless.Often a strong prey drive and some like Daisy have a pathological hatred of cats bordering on vindictive but the tenacity is offset by a devilish sense of fun.

So how do you cope with pain?I don’t know if there is a solution but I like to imagine Daisys sudden departure was because she was needed somewhere else..she came to us pretending that she needed us when in reality she was here teaching us.The final lesson that life is short and fragile and every moment needs to be embraced with the enthusiasm a dog has for it’s morning walk.It seems pain is inevitable but if thats the price we pay,so be it.A life without love is no life at all.

Thanks old pal.x



  1. NO!! Oh god I’m so sorry and so devastated. Never a day has gone by when we haven’t thought about her. Saw an Irish Terrier on Saturday which is a rare thing, brought a tear to my eyes.
    It was the hardest decision I ever had to make giving her up. I knew the moment I met you two that you were perfect for her. You gave her the best life, which we were not in a position to do. I have saved every picture of her that you have posted here.
    Sending you our love and sympathies. I’m so sorry.
    Very best and kindest regards,
    Caroline, Charlie & Jonah. xxx


    1. Hey
      Thankyou .Yes we were devestated.I did email you a while back but it might have been wrong or out of date.
      Sorry for startling you.
      It was christmas eve … so you can imagine.
      Mairead still strugling a bit.
      She was wild as she always was right untill the end.
      I like to think as I said she was needed somewhere else.
      Hope you are all well.
      I genuinely did feel the weight of responsability but loved every minute.


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