Sealyham Terrier Eddie at your Service! (No I am not a Westie!)

Greetings Eddie, thanks for stopping by. I know you are a bit of a legend so it is great to have a chat. So you are a Sealyham Terrier, Lets start there..

Yes my name is Eddie and I’m a two year old Sealyham terrier! I think I’m a typical Sealyham terrier – bursting with personality! I am charming, funny, affectionate, adventurous, entertaining, inquisitive, loyal, brave and obviously very modest!

I love to live life to the full, try to advocate ‘being more dog’

and enjoy the simple things like nature and the countryside. I enjoy travelling and having little adventures – especially on my holidays in France where I have spent time tootling thorough the vineyards and cavorting on the beach! I also enjoy meeting people, visiting places, snuffling and of course digging, which sometimes results in a dirty beard and paws! I also love to curl up on the sofa and have a cuddle or a snooze and because of this trait that I share with other Sealyhams, we have often been called ‘The couch potato of the terriers’! We make wonderful family pets as we have an affectionate, charming and entertaining nature and enjoy joining in with whatever our people are doing!

Do you have hobbies Eddie?
One of my favourite hobbies is pinching socks. I like to parade about with them in my mouth and run round the coffee table a few times. I also enjoy rubbing my beard on the soft furnishings to dry and ‘style’ it and snoozing upside down with my feet in the air. We make great guard dogs so I like to sit on the sofa watching people, cars and dogs pass by and occasionally barking at them. I do sometimes accidentally bark at other dogs when we are out – especially one called White Gate Dog. I like to bark at him under the gap of his gate then scuttle off as quickly as I can!

A handsome chap like yourself must have a few ladies in your life, anyone special or are you as the young pup’s say a bit of a player?

I am currently young, single and free. I mean, who has time for all that courting business!? I do have a lovely lady friend who lives in France called Linda. She sits on her balcony and sometimes I climb the steps and call for her. We run around the street and chase each other. Its great fun but purely platonic!

As a sophisticated gent what would you snack on?
My favourite food is roast chicken. Oh, and minced beef! I love minced beef! I’m quite the carnivore, although strangely, I do love mangetout (snow peas) and have them every day as part of my meal! Plus I like steamed carrots too! And cheese! No surprises there then!

Do you have any tricks for getting extra attention?
Well with a face like this I always get affection but… Whenever I want more attention, I pretend to scratch, but really I’m tapping the floor with my paw! Works every time! The thing with Sealyhams is that we are always lots of fun. We have a reputation for being clowns and every day is fun. We’re intelligent and can be stubborn.

Now I have to put this carefully Eddie …… I heard you like to get down and dirty, is this like a fifty shades of Sealyham?

Oh dear I could not possibly comment, being white dogs and terriers, we sometimes have filth related problems! In other words, we love dirt, digging and getting generally mucky. We’re low slung, with short legs, so our tummies often get filthy too. Then there are our beards. They are muck magnets! So, during the winter months, I’m often plonked into the bath for a beard wash and undercarriage valet!
An under carriage valet How refined you are Eddie!

I hear you get mistaken for Westies a lot…Are you really a Westie in disguise?

Good lord no!! The ‘in joke’ us Sealyhams have is based around misidentification. We’re a rare breed, so most people, have never heard of us. And don’t recognise us! We are often mistaken for Westies, Scotties and sometimes Schnauzers, Dachshunds and even Dandie Dinmonts. It’s very exciting for us if we are recognised! Sealyham Terriers originated in Wales in the 19th century and were originally bred to hunt otters, foxes and badgers. They are a feisty, robust little dog who are friendly, versatile and intelligent. We are definitely our own unique breed.

You have qualities that make you a great pet bar your good looks though, right?
Absolutely Sealyhams are hypoallergenic, barely shed fur and tend not to smell doggy. Their appearance can differ slightly depending on the length and colour of the coat but what they all have in common is an enormous, black, shiny nose, alert expressive eyes and flappy, floppy ears!
You are a vulnerable breed Eddie what does that mean?
I am classified as a vulnerable breed as their numbers have dwindled recently. However, the breed was very famous in the past numerous Hollywood film stars, such as Gary Cooper, Cary Grant and Elizabeth Taylor; famous people like Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock owned and loved Sealyhams. The breed were even part of the royal family as Princess Margaret had some that allegedly joined her breakfast every day!
You were at Crufts this year in a very important role. I know you did not compete to give the rest a chance but could you tell us about your role? It sounded very exciting.

I have been promoted recently from ‘self-proclaimed breed ambassador ‘to ‘Breed Ambassador’ when I was able to represent my breed at Crufts! I had my own Sealyham tribute booth set up in Discover Dogs! I met loads of lovely people, had a lot of strokes and tummy tickles and gave out hundreds of beardy kisses! It was a marvellous experience! Here is a link to some previous articles I wrote but my owner typed it… I wanted to make him feel useful.

Eddie the Sealyham Terrier Questions and Answers

That really is great Eddie I think the Sealyham is a fabulous terrier but you know I am bias!
It was a great pleasure to talk to you today and with a bit of luck we might meet at next year! Three cheers for Eddie!

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  1. Wonderful description of your many talents Eddie, however you forgot to mention how much joy you give to your friends and family on Facebook with your daily dose of interesting posts and pictures!


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