Pitbulls…all you need is love

What a handsome chap.This is Donut sadly no longer with us, but a chance encounter started a love story I was only too happy to share.

Few dogs reputation proceeds a breed like the much maligned Pit Bull…if you havent seen one you have heard of one and all too often not in glowing terms.Well today we are looking to set the record straight with Ellie W from @PitbullsandSoil A pitbull owner and lover.

My first pit bull was a rescue my mother in law found wandering an abandoned apartment complex parking lot. He was small and white with no tags or chip. The left side of his face was a wreck, with heavy blunt force trauma. You would think he was hit by a car but it was just his face, smashed in and broken teeth, he was more than likely hit very hard by a human. With this in mind you would think he would be aggressive towards humans, but he was not. He was scared of humans and would rather be alone outside, that was until he was shown love and compassion. I cared for him after he had a torn ACL and slowly he learned to trust me, came inside and miraculously started sleeping inside. His name was Donut and he was my first pit bull, the love of my life.
Donut healed on the outside well… but his brain was permanently damaged. He suffered seizures, up until the day he passed. He was by far a fighter in the best way.Pit bulls are dogs who deserve love and respect. no dog is born aggressive, and no breed can be judged for the selfish and ignorant ways of a bad owner. You get out what you put in, so why not give love.I came into loving pitbulls with no bias for or against the breed.
My other two pit bulls, whom are very much alive also taught me a lot about how amazing these dogs are.

Gracie, my six year old large blue nose has 100% of my trust. She’s loyal to the end, loving and has a ton of patience. She helps me train any new dogs I take on whether they are fosters or adoptions, she loves all dogs big or small. She’s gentle with those who are hyper or smaller and helps correct dogs who need that extra obedience. She’s smart and I swear she can read my mind. When I leave she waits by the gate until I’m back and always has a toy to bring to me when I return. I would trust her with my life.

My last pittie is my most recent foster fail 🥰A one year old pit mix with energy for days. She had no prior training and has been a handful but catches on so fast! In one month she’s went from a uncontrollable bundle of energy to a well behaved bundle of energy. Her name is Olive and she aims to please. With a love of learning, she picks up training fast. More importantly I have never meet a dog who wants to be held and loved so much! She will run up onto the bed and just slide into my tummy like a perfect little spoon. She looks into my eyes and slowly licks my face, I swear she’s saying “I love u”. Her and Gracie are the most loving animals I have ever met and Olive always has an extra ten minutes to give love before heading to bed with the rest of the pups.When I think pit bull only good comes to mind. Loving, loyal and always there for a good laugh. All dogs can be great dogs and it’s important we don’t confuse a breed with how they are raised. As humans we took on the wolf as a best friend, with that we need to take on the responsibility’s too.
I also asked Elllie for a few tips if you were considering a pitbull.

(If you are a pitbull fan please feel free to leave a few of your own tips)

Tip 1.

Time, do you have time to train and give attention to a pit bull? Time is a must.

2.Adopt! Pit bull breeders often don’t breed healthy pits. Pit mixes from shelters are always a better option.

3. Get ready for a best friend! You will end up spending all your money, all your time and all your energy on a pit bull… and it’s worth every penny, every chewed shoe and ever slobbery kiss.


Thankyou Ellie I loved hearing your passion and the kindness you have shown your pets..If your watching Donut…you are still missed.

Donuts story is a real lesson to everyone if you choose to be kind the rewards are endless.


  1. I could go on for days about how my Pit bulls have changed my life!
    I have been an animal lover since I was a very small child and I guess part of my personality is to block out ignorance so when my first Pit mix adopted me (lol) I wasn’t fully aware of the stereotypes they are up against. I knew they had a bad rep but I, like you, know that it’s not the breed, it’s the training so I never paid much attention to it.
    Once Racer became a part of our lives we were smacked with the huge problems the stereotypes actually cause. Everyone looked at us like we were criminals and Racer couldn’t understand why people didn’t want to love him! He would basically beg for their approval but rarely got it.
    That is when I decided to change the people around me, one person at a time! I strive to show everyone we meet how wonderful the breed truly is.
    We now have 2 Pits, Racer is 8 now and Bullet is 6. Bullet was a rescue that needed bottle fed and I feel so much about him like you do about yours. He’s my very best friend and he understand me like no human ever could. He reads my mind, he provides comfort, therapy when I need a shoulder, laughs when I least expect it, and above all UNCONDITIONAL love.

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