That’s a wrap…

Hard for 2016 in summary not to be about loss,so many great people departed in 2016 .Many were frequently the soundtrack to my running adventures,the list of giants who left us was seemingly endless .For me the greatest was of course was Ali.not a singer but undoubtedly an artist..the original the best ,the end!Faithless do conjur up his his mystique and influence really well in this song,check it out here Mohammed Ali  For many he was the hero he held his ground crossed over from sport to celebrity to Icon.


I loved Gene Wilde Largely due to his roll in Willy Wonka..for me still the greatest children’s movie.It  floods the imagination of children and I loved the hint of sinister Wilder brings to the part,give me that over Depps attempts anyday I  also love this tune Pure Imagination.

From that to Let’s go outside is a leap of Faith (Did you get that one?)It really has been a shit year as we say goodbye to George!This song is just the perfect fuck you song it’s video is hilarious and it’s a cracking disco tune.George had his troubles but he was certainly true to himself ,his battles with the media are an interesting backdrop to some of the changing attitudes towards gay men ,one can often forget how far we have come or how far rags like the Sun have been dragged kicking and screaming .

In a real earthquake to the music world,Losing Prince was a huge shock !Sign of the times is always on my playlist ,it was a perfect accompaniment to the era and the lyrics are so clever
Of course Bowie despite a careeer of continuous re invention proved mortal afterwords ,I think his death had us all reeling ..always on a playlist but the one I enjoy on a sunny run has to be Let’s dance OK maybe not every bodies first choice !The impact of his legacy is just astonishing,a loss felt so heavily our local radio station @txfm scrapped their schedule as the news broke and just played his music for the day … sadly the same station is now no longer so my search for a radio station which played indie  music is now gone online…. feel free to offer suggestions!

A year that saw some spectacular twists and turns and a lot of sadness but to very loosely borrow from Paul Brady (he’s not dead it’s ok )….this wasn’t meant to be no sad song ,the lyrics of  The Island really do resonate at the minute though..the world is a little bit f…ked if you pardon the French!
Oh I did some running in 2016 too;highlights for me were running the Canal du Midi in April ,Toulouse to Sete around 260km .I broke 100 miles again in twenty four hours in July ,ran a pb of 40 miles in 6 hours,and have now run fifty odd marathons…There were a few lessons learned some races will not be revisited but that’s for another day!Time to move on.

First run of 2017 has been done in full HD….  I have a few goal races this year including/starting with  the Thames path 100….. so here’s to 2017… more dogs more running and more music!Oh and I might try and post with a little bit more consistency too.


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